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  • Filter Hose Washer Screen
Filter Hose Washer Screen

Filter Hose Washer Screen

Filter Hose Washer Screen


Our engineer can design ,processing and made all kinds of this types Filter Hose Washer Screen products offer. 

The hose coupling filter washer is made of stainless steel wire mesh and quality rubber which can resist hardening and cracking, durable and convenient to use
The Stainless steel wire mesh screen filtration out dirt, sand and debris reduce the possibility of nozzle clogging, a good helper for daily use
You just need to put this washer hose filter into the head of garden hose, great for rough plumbing and water purification accessories

The raw material ASTM Standard. Reach certificate.
Let all international Fire Protection department client got the Excellent products service in here.



Injector raw material :PA66,PC, PS, PP, PVC, TPE, TPU, HDPE,Rubber, etc

Woven types :Plain woven wire mesh
Injector Bound edge width :2.0mm-5.00mm
Injector Bound edge thickness :2.00mm-3.00mm
Disc Diameter: 10mm,11.5mm,14.5mm.15mm.15.5mm,18.00mm,20.2mm.23.5mm,25mm. 30.5mm .38.5mm and so on

Mesh of size :
550 microns = 30 mesh screen
400 microns = 40 mesh screen
250 microns = 60 mesh screen
200 microns = 80 mesh screen
100 microns = 100 mesh screen

Others size we can process and made of your offer and request. 


Garden Hose and Washing Machine Connector.
Water Purification and filtration
Water pipe filtration systems
Valves, Fittings & Clamps


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